In this section we provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about massage therapy and our clinic. If you do not find what you are looking for, ask us a question below and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions.

Q: Can I use my insurance plan for massage therapy/chiropractic/acupuncture?

A: YES. Assuming that your benefit plan allows for massage therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture treatment. All of our therapists are registered.


Q: Does Remedy do direct billing?

A: Not all of our therapists offer direct billing for their services. Please review the therapist bio to confirm if they offer direct billing for your insurer plan.


Q: Do you bill ICBC if I was in motor vehicle accident?

A: YES. assuming ICBC has approved you for treatment, in which case ICBC will cover. Initial appointment is 45 mins. Subsequent appointments are 30 minutes.  You will not need to pay any fee up front as ICBC will cover the whole portion of the appointment.

Please email jakelocking@gmail.com to book ICBC related visits as they are currently not bookable online.

Q: How can I book an appointment?

A: Online booking is the most efficient way to book an appointment. Appointment requests via email or phone are unreliable as we operate without a receptionist.


Q: Is the online schedule accurate?

A: YES. The online schedule is actively updated. 


Q: What is included in my treatment/appointment time?

A: Health History Review, Assessment/Reassessment, Treatment and Patient Education may all be included within the alloted treatment time.


Q: If I am pregnant, can I still get massage therapy?

A: YES. All our therapists are trained in prenatal massage. We have pregnancy pillows for your comfort. 


Q: Do you accept WCB claims?

A: NO. We currently do not accept WCB claims.


Q: Do you offer couples massage or have a couples room?

A: NO. Currently, we do not offer couples massage.


Q: How should I prepare for my massage?

A: A warm shower or a bath to help start your body to relax and a quick trip to the bathroom just before getting on the table are recommended. We recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes early to find parking, locate the clinic and fill out our clinic forms.



Q: This is my first appointment, what I should bring with me and what should I expect?

A: Ideally, you should come wearing athletic and comfortable clothing. Please bring proper documentation if you are covered under ICBC. Your therapist will greet you and take you through an intake process to discuss your current medical health, medications, injuries, and areas of concern.


In order to provide optimal treatment we recommend undressing to the undergarments as we use oils and lotions, however, "dry" treatment can be used if you feel more comfortable wearing additional clothing. You are under the sheets and covered the entire time, with only the area that is being worked on exposed.


Q: Why do I need a massage therapy?

A: The most common reasons are:


General Relaxation

Jet Lag Recovery

General Health & Fitness

Recovery from motor vehicle accidents

Relieve Sore, Tight Muscles

Relieve Tension & Headaches

Before or After Sports Activity

Recovery From Surgery 

Improve Circulation

Improve Quality of Life


Q: I am a lawyer requesting for paperwork. How do I request for files?

A: Emailing the remedy email is not the fastest way to request for files. Please find our therapist's work emails under our contact tab to request for files specific to the therapist.


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