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Jake Locking - RMT, Owner

Jake Locking, started the business as a gathering place for like-minded professionals wanting to make a positive impact in people‚Äôs wellness. Having enjoyed sports and human anatomy in high school biology, Jake developed an interest in the healthcare field early on.


Jake graduated in 2008 from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, and has since offered a variety of treatments, from general relaxation and stress relief to specific injuries. Jake incorporates Swedish massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point therapy and deep relaxation techniques into his treatments. He also has many years of experience treating car accident related (ICBC) soft tissue injuries.


He has done additional studies in therapeutic and core exercise and stabilization aimed at postural correction, as well as active release therapy, deep tissue and fascial release.


Being an athlete himself, Jake also is interested in sports rehabilitation and has had great progress with conditions ranging from muscle stiffness and overuse injuries to post-surgery recovery following full Achilles tendon rupture and traumatic joint injuries.


Jake describes massage therapy as a science and an art. There is no formula for helping people after all. Everyone has unique needs. For Jake and the team at Remedy, the focus is on providing professional service with care. Remedy is a place where children, working professionals and the elderly can expect to be well cared for when they come through the doors.


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